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Basin structure evolution

Case study: Monagas thrusts, Venezuela


Maerten, L., and F. Maerten, 2006, Chronologic modeling of faulted and fractured reservoirs using geomechanically based restoration: Technique and industry applications. AAPG Bulletin, 90(8), 1201-1226.

Neumaier, M., Littke, R., Hantschel, T., Maerten, L., Joonnekindt, J.-P. and Kukla, P., 2014, Integrated charge and seal assessment in the Monagas fold and thrust belt of Venezuela. AAPG Bulletin, 98(7), 1325-1350.


  • Client: None
  • Location: Monagas thrusts, venezuela
  • Main goal: Charge ans seal assessment
  • Geology: Inverted basin
  • Tectonic: Subsidence, contraction, folding, thrusting


  1. Data analysis and interpretation
  2. 2D model reconstruction and quality control
  3. 2D model restoration over time (Dynel2D or CASSINI)
  4. Forward 2D petroleum system analysis (Petrel/Petromod)

Other applications using similar methodology

The restoration of this workflow can also be applied to:
  • Geology interpretation verification
  • Forward stratigraphic modeling
  • Natural fracture modeling (fold related fractures)

Main outcomes

Interpreted cross section
NW-SE Cross section across the Monagas fold and thrust belt showing the complex fold and thrust system as well as duplexes.
2D restoration over time
Structural evolution of the Monagas fold and thrust belt demonstrated by structural restoration (Dynel2D or Cassini):

    • Subsiding passive margin stage (until 23 Ma)

    • Early compression stage (21 Ma)

    • Late compression stage (12 Ma)

    • Subsidence (present day)
Animated geologic evolution of the Monagas fold and thrust belt
    • 3D stress field is computed (Arch) around two mechanically interacting salt caverns.

    • The caverns can be modeled as empty or pressurized cavities.

    • Rock mechanical properties are set in Arch as well as the 3D far field stresses (magnitudes and orientations).
Petroleum system modeling
Forward model of oil and gas generation, expulsion, migration and accumulation (Petrel/Petromod).
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