YouWol Geoscience


With a wealth of 30 years of experience in natural fracture characterization and modeling, we can offer our valuable assistance.
If you require consulting services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Key sectors


Water Resources


Nuclear Waste Disposal



Oil & Gas

Key domains

Structural Geology

Our team of expert structural geologists provides consultancy and specialized services in natural fracture modeling using the in-house YouWol technologies for:
  • Validating interpreted structures
  • Characterizing natural fractures
  • Evaluating structure evolution over time
  • Assessing geoscience risks
  • Geomechanics

    YouWol geotechnical experts provide consultancy and specialized services in fgeomechanics using the in-house YouWol technologies for modeling:
  • Natural fractures
  • Fault and salt related stress field
  • Fracture network reactivation
  • Subsidence during subsurface exploitation
  • Selected case studies

    Fractured reservoir model

    Present-day stress near salt
    (Gulf of Mexico)

    Nuclear waste & earthquake risks

    Salt related deformation

    Basin structure evolution

    Gas storage in salt caverns