YouWol Geoscience

GeoWol - Joint Industry Project

Goal of collaboration

The need of accelerating innovation and providing a propitious environment for freeing creativity has given birth to YouWol company. The former founders of IGEOSS company teamed up to found and develop a new innovative web-based open platform and technical modules, preliminary in computational geosciences. In that regard, we have launched the GeoWol Joint Industry Project to fund and shape the on-going development of geoscience's modules.

Two fundamental modules are under development and considered in this JIP: ARCH (former Poly3D, and Ibem3D) for both forward and inverse stress modeling around faults, salt bodies and magma chambers, and CASSINI (former Dynel) for 2D/3D geomechanically-based restoration. Both modules will be integrated in YouWol web-based open platform and, alternatively, can be integrated into proprietary products.

These Geoscience technologies and their recognized key industry applications in the field of geomechanical structural analysis at all scales will open improved ways to address issues related to oil & gas, CO2 sequestration, geothermal energy, nuclear waste disposal, mining and R&D.

We invite you to join the YouWol Geoscience JIP, a collaboration between YouWol and key players in the industry. We seek funding and partnerships for the continued development of the YouWol Geoscience technologies, which will be in keeping with industry standards and recommended practices. We aim to add value to your company with our expertise, and by collaboratively solving industry challenges.

JIP concepts

  • Unlimited early access to prototypes and non-commercial
  • Unlimited access to the YouWol platform
  • Close interaction with YouWol Technology team
  • Regular training sessions

Module features

  • Integrated and piloted by YouWol Platform
  • Part of the source code accessible to JIP members for facilitating integration into other systems / platforms

  • Compliant with OSDU standard formats

  • Read Schlumberger’s Petrel formats

Industry applications

  • Structure interpretation QC
  • Present-day stress around salt structures
  • Natural fracture modeling
  • Fracture reactivation
  • Well bore stability
  • Forward geological modeling

Industry sectors

  • Oil and gas
  • CO2 sequestration and storage
  • Geothermal energy
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Mining
  • Research & Development

3D geomechanical module (ARCH)

This 3D geomechanical module is based on the Displacement Discontinuity Method (DDM). Over the last two decades, early versions of this technology, former Poly3D from Stanford University and iBem3D from IGEOSS/Schlumberger (Slb), have proven to be highly efficient and reliable to providing the geoscience related industry workflows for optimized modeling of both fractured reservoirs and heterogeneous present-day stress within areas of complex geological background. We have started to develop ARCH, a new and more powerful DDM, based on the latest publications. We intend to couple it with other modules or processes, which shall unlock extension to other integrated workflows and other applications with demonstrated value to the geoscience industry.

Keywords: complex geological structures, fast and multi-parametric computation, heterogeneous material, far field stress or strain, topography, friction/cohesion, slip, stress & pressure inversions, poro-elasticity, AI, OSDU

2D/3D geomechanical restoration module (CASSINI)

This enhanced restoration technology and workflow, based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) and continuum mechanics solution, provides the researchers and industry with improved 2D and 3D geological structural restoration modeling. A first version of this technology, used in the IGEOSS/Schlumberger (Slb) Dynel software, has demonstrated that it is a viable and proven complement and/or alternative to kinematic approaches to restoration. The development of this brand new and improved geomechanically-based restoration process - CASSINI - shall open new perspectives for valuable integrated workflows and applications to the industry by enabling its integration within the web-based platform, its customization and extension by anyone as well as its coupling with other modules.

Keywords: geomechanically-based restoration, strain-based decompaction, true 3D volume restoration, forward and backward modeling, fast computation, AI, automatic restoration, reads Petrel formats, OSDU

YouWol Platform and JIP

YouWol Platform is a multidisciplinary web-based open platform that will promote innovation from research, enhance industry workflows and facilitate collaboration.

The two modules developed during the GeoWol JIP will be integrated and piloted via the YouWol Platform, which will also be open to technologies from others (independent, academia, research institutes, industry) to readily create cross domain applications.

To offer maximum flexibility, part of the source code of our Geoscience Technologies could be available to the JIP members for facilitating their integration into other systems or platforms.